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We have the best HTML5 games. All cross-platform. Each game is ad-free and is available for licensing, customization, branding, distribution, etc.

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Robber Dash

You are a Robber now ! All you have to do is to espace cops and earn coins as much as you can to reach higher scores!

Can I eat this?

Can I eat it? is a fun game for kids and grown ups, too. Your task is to decide what to eat and what not. The game is over when you don´t allow to the girl eat what she can eat or when you let her eat what she shouldn´t eat.

Fidget Spinner Fever

Spin your new Fidget Spinner as much as you can and become a Fidget Spinner Master! Collect coins and buy new skins.

Earth Defense

The Earth is being attacked! Many evil planets invaded the Solar System and want to destroy the Earth. But the Earth will defend! And the Earth will not be alone, the moon will be together in this battle. There are many weapons, evolve, increase its speed and survive to Destroy all planets! And an exciting end.

Spooky Run

Avoid the monster in this scary but fun endless runner game.

Love Rescue

A little loving adventure. Collect all heart pieces and reach to your beloved one through several challenging levels.

Miner Jump

You reached the end of the mine. Now it's time to climb! Climb the mine a high as you can!

Acrobat Zoo

Stack our fantastic animals tapping at the right timing. Try to make the greater pile of animals as possible!

Pinball Rush

A simple but fun Pinball game. Get the red gems to score and don't let the ball falls in the bottom!

Death Chamber

In this obscure game, death can be just a ladder to escape from the Death Chamber

Jet Cat

Jet Cat is a fun game with great steampunk graphics style, very challenging with a infinite experience. Guarantee hours of fun!


Make this little pig reach as high as possible with precise jumps.

Little Big Runners

You are in the monster land and are being chased by a big monster. As if it was not enough, you will have several obstacles on your way, like little monsters, boxes and spikes. Run for your life! The game central mechanic is the ability to grow and shrink. So you have to toggle between the little and big form to pass through the obstacles. HOW TO PLAY: Desktop: SPACE -> JUMP SPACE when the character is on the air and on the little shape -> DOUBLE JUMP CTRL -> TOGGLE SIZE Mobile: Touch left side of screen -> JUMP Touch right side of screen when the character is on the air and on the little shape -> DOUBLE JUMP Touch right side of screen -> TOGGLE SIZE


Throw grenades precisely to blast all Zombies through several levels.

Fishing Frenzy

It's a catch fish game. Touch to launch the hook. Cath as many fish as you can and become the fishing master!

Space Voyager

You are a space adventurer, but you are being hunted by terrible space pirates! Travel through the planets to escape and reach as far as you can to get high scores!

Jet Penguin

Who said penguins can't fly? With a jetpack our penguin will conquer the polar sky! Get the power ups and avoid the enemies and obstacles. Reach as far as you can!

Monster Catch

Go on a FUN monster hunt, throw your Monster Ball and Catch em All!


MonsThree is a simple puzzle with endless fun and challenge. Match pairs of monsters to try to get the highest score you can.

Kitty vs Ghosts

Kitty vs Ghosts is a funny arcade game in oldschool style! Survive 9 nighst and safe your master’s sleep from terrible ghosts. Every night new ghosts appears and the game becomes harder each time. If you master wakes up, you will be the one to blame, so try hard to keep him safe!

Gravity Tree

Gravity Tree is a runner in oldshool style about. This game is crazy. Why? You are a running tree with the ability to change the gravity! Touch the screen to change the gravity to avoid obstacles and get the colorful balls to score. Have fun!

Zombie Slayer Viking

There are a horde of zombies ahead! You have to kill them all with your axe. Touch (or click on desktop), hold and release to throw the axe. Tap (or click) shortly for a melee attack. Fill the red bar to activate berseker mode. On this mode, you run faster and can kill the zombies with one blow. Bersek mode ends when you get hit by a zombie. Have fun!


A fun parking game with good graphics and smooth controls. Test your skills and precision in this challeging game! Do you love driving? Do you have awesome motor skills? Parking is filled with challenging levels to keep you entertained for hours! Test your navigation, precision and reflexes as you try to park your car while avoiding obstacles. The realistic driving physics with tilt and touch controls can challenge even the most adept gamers.

Fire Station Park

Fire Station Park is a simple and fun 'Slide the Blocks' puzzle game. The aim of the game is solving the puzzle and sliding the main fire truck out of the Fire Station with as fast as possible. It has 45 challeging levels!

Pow Pet

Pow is a virtual pet that needs your care. You have to wash him, feed him, play with him and sometimes he just needs to rest and sleep. There are 3 really cool minigames to play: Basket Pow, Flying Pow and Lumberjack Pow!

Parking Boom

Parking Boom is a fun physics game where you have to launch your car to reach to the parking lot. Let your car fly, destroy other cars and have fun! Get coins to upgrade your cars and improve your chances to get highter scores!

Little Jump Guy

32 levels of fun and challenges await you in Jump Guy! Control a little fella and reach the goal! The faster you are, the more stars you will get. Overcome the abyss and different gaps. Run with the "arrow keys" or your "finger" for touch controls. Try it on your tablet and mobile phone!

Spring Hippo

Tap and hold the screen to increase the jump power, release to jump. Make precise jumps to reach as longer as you can!

Jumpy Dragon

Help this cute little dragon to reach as highter as possible jumping at the right time in this fun little game.

Speed Turn

Tap the screen to turn. You must stay on the road as longer as you can. Get all coins possible. Don't crash into the walls!

Catch the Birds

This is a fun little game that requires good timing. Catch as many birds as you can! If you let one falls you lose!

Pyramid Climber

Fascinated by the adventures of Indiana Jones? You are a adventurer and relic hunter, but this time you entered in the 'Pyramid of Death'. Try to escape if it is possible! At least reach as higher as you can!

Alaska Defender

Bears are coming from all directions! Swipe to attack and defeat the bears before they catch you in this simple but fun game!

Top Skiing

Tap to change direction and avoid the obstacles in this fun Ski game! Reach as far as you can!

Pumpkim Dash

You is a cursed Pumpkin boy lost in a creepy world full of dangers! Run for your live and avoid the deadly obstacles!


Play as a snowboarder that skillfully slides down the icy slopes. Collect the coins and avoid the Skull Blocks and Ice Boulders.


Avoid the obstacles moving left, right, and jumping! Take the gems to score. Survive as long as you can!


The rules are simple: control two vessels in sync, survive against all odds and keep calm. Your survival is dependent on protecting two vessels - they are devices in sync, a dance and song between two entities tethered together in symbiosis. Feel edge of your seat terror where the world around you becomes quiet and numb as all that matters is the game living between your palms - that is Duet.


Build the tallest tower in the world to reach the sky with a power of one-tap gameplay!

Stick Walker

Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Watch out! If the stick is not long enough, you will fall down! How far can you go?

Jumps at Zombies

Zombies are coming! Tap the screen to jump. Jump at them to score. Avoid the ones with spikes on their heads!

Piano Player

Tap the green balls to score in this fun piano game!

Portal Runner

You are a Portal Caster running from the end of the world! Use your portals to avoid the obstacles.

Cat Jump

Reach as high as you can in this cute cat game. Be careful with the enemies!

Magic Dash

Escape the magic land! Avoid the magic bags that the witch drops or you will be turned in a frog! When you are in frog form, you will be vulnerable to the crows. HOW TO PLAY: Tap to jump, tap on the air to double jump

Ninja Blocker

Ninja Blocker is a simple but super addictive and fun action game. Tap the screen to jump. Tap the left or right screen to make the ninja face projectiles and get high scores. Don't let the projectiles hurt your back!

Rose Dash

Rose Dash is a fun arcade game in oldschool style! There are four playable characters and you need to collect coins to unlock them all. There is a button in the right corner – push it and your character will fall faster (use space bar on keyboard). This game has no end – play so long as you wish!

Jumping Sheep

How high can you Jump? Jump, Jump and Jump as high as you can. If you're lucky you might also get some super trampoline jump! Help our friendly sheep reach new heights in this fun game. Bounce from platform to platform, dodge the enemies, and get the highest score.

Let Them Fall

Let Them Fall is a simple and fun game about falling stickmen. Make all the dudes fall and jump to avoid the obstacles. There are 5 dificult modes to play. You can play with all your fingers to control up to 6 dudes, or just ask for some help to your friends! How long can you last out?

Sling Birds

Shot your bird then fly! You have up to 4 birds to shot! Enjoy the best of two worlds in terms of gameplay!

Dark Dash

Dark Dash is a fun and addictive arcade runner game. In Dark Dash, you run and jump through a bunch of enemies in a gorgeous dark forest! One of the most challenging and fun running games ever made! Gather coins, upgrade attributes and reach on top of highscores! There are 3 attributes to upgrade: Score Multiplier, Coin Value and Coin Magnet. Make combos when jumping on enemies to multiply your score!

Hungry Dude

Hungry Dude is a fun and addictive game, where you need to put the little balls into the mouth of the turning head. The eaten balls will reappear in the game. The more balls dude eat, the higher score you will get. You can buy the balls paying with your score, but the price of the ball increases. Try to pass all the 40 levels and reach the highest score!

Bird Copter

Fly high like a bird , thought our swinging bird, but there are so many barriers on its way. It needs your help in guiding it to reach newer heights. With just one touch you will be able to swing the bird in left or right direction as it flap its wing.

Side Chain

Sidechain is a crazily addictive arcade game that stimulate your brain and reflexes. Tap left or right based on the box shown on the conveyor belt. Be fast!

Feed my pet dog Number

Kids love to learn! This game will help children learn how to do Math while feeding the dogs. Feed my Dog with Numbers is a fun game with excellent graphics. It is very easy to play. Guaranteed fun for little kids.


Shapes is a game about shapes.. Oh really??? Oh! It's a game about falling colorful balls too! The goal is to match the shapes of the same color. It sounds easy, right? Tap the screen and play the game! How to play: Tap screen to rotate the shapes in a way that the falling balls collide with the side of the shape with the same color.

Tap Ball

Tap Ball! is a simple tap skill game that requires speed, attention and precision. Tap the screen to make the ball jump, avoid the moving obstacles and reach the highest as you can! Simple to play, but also challenging!

Two Cars

Drive two cars at the same time in this fun endless runner game! Control the red car and the blue car at the same time or call a friend for help (yeah, multiplayer in one device!)! Collect all the circles and avoid the squares on the road.


Dots is a simple but fun little game with black and gray dots! The goal is to match the shapes of the same color. Hurry up!!! Tap the screen and play the game! How to play: Tap screen to rotate the shapes in a way that the coming dots collide with the side of the shape with the same color.

Jewel Crush

The new match 3 puzzle game for you match and detonate as many gems as you can. Jewel Crush is the most popular Jewels pop/breaking/buster game! Another classic gems match-three game.

Sky Dog

The new thrilling fantasy run game is here! Enjoy the adventurous run through the Egyptian deserts and escape the Mummy. You are the ultimate adventurer on a daring hunt in the mysterious pyramid. The only way to survive the mummy chasing you is to run, and run really fast. You must escape the desert and pyramids before it's too late.


Chopman is an oldschool arcade style casual game. Become a Chopman, chop wood and avoid the branches. Sounds like an easy task? It's easy to play but hard to master. Master your skills for the top records on the leaderboards. Take your axe as every lumberjack does and chop the tree as fast as you can!

Tomato Squeeze

Tomato Squeeze is a game about tomatoes. Oh really? Yeah really! The goal is to squeeze all the tomatoes.. except the red/pink one! So simple! Touch or click as fast as you can. You can choose the red tomato or the pink tomato. Be careful to not hit them. Aim the bad guys!

Tap Ring

Make the Ring jump and avoid hitting the line!. How far can you go? Tap Ring is a simple and highly addicting game, just make the ring jump and avoid hitting the line and the more score you get, the more difficult the game will be.

Fruit Slicer

Slice fruit by your finger and enjoy fruit juice! Fruit Slicer can be a good exercise for the brain's ability. Cut off various fruits on the screen and drain every ounce of juice from them!

Pinball Galaxy

The ultimate classic pinball game on your browser! If you love Pinball on Windows then this is the most classic Pinball game for you! Realistic pinball action, fun gameplay, cool graphics will have you playing this addictive classic pinball game for hours. Some of the features of Ultra Pinball: - Easy to see the ball - Great gameplay - Very precise pinball physics - Realistics sounds

Mole Smash

Mole Smash is a fun whack-a-mole game. Get rid of these moles out of your farm by smashing their heads!

Gravity Alien

In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave alien, was held captive for defying the rules. Not happy, he decided to escape, being the first one to run for his life flipping gravity at will. Gravity Alien is a fun platformer with gravity mechanics. Play with a little alien with the power of choosing the gravity to overcome all the obstacles! This addictive adventure features 6 challenging levels, and guarantees you great fun!


A fun dodging game. By touching the screen, move "you" icon and dodge from different arrows. Don't get arrows in your knee, just keep away from them then you will get higher score!

Ghost Fall

Ghost Fall is a fun infinite falling style game. Fall with caution and dont let the Ghost touch on the spikes!

Bubble Blow

Bubble Blow is a fun and challeging game with a very original gameplay. Use your bubble blower to guide the bubbles to the path. How to play: Touch or click on screen to blow the bubbles. The blower will target the nearest bubble. Direct the bubbles to the right side of the screen where the arrows are pointing without letting the bubbles touch the wall! Challenge yourself and get on top of scoreboards and become the best bubble blower int the world!

Math Rush

Test your math skills on this frenetic game! Keep your mind healthy, test your mental math and exercise your brain! This is an educational math game for your kids and why not, for everyone (this is a good brain test and you can improve your math calculations speed). After playing this cool math game, your kids definitely will calculate faster. This is a perfect and cool math workout for your kids and a perfect challenge for you! One of the best and cool math games!


Make the dudes jump over the enemies at the same time. You tap on the top half of the screen and the above dude will jump, you tap on the bottom half of the screen and bellow dude will jump. All you have to do is to stay much as far you can. You can play with two fingers to control the 2 dudes, or just ask for some help to a friend! How long can you last out?

Flap 360

A new 'Flappy' game with an original theme! Turn around the 'world' to get score! Help our little guy to avoid the obstacles and be the best of all birds. It's hard but not impossilble! How to play: 1. Tap the screen or click to flap your wings 2. Avoid obstacles 3. Beat your Highscore This game is suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girls and boys of all ages.